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Service at Fredmans

Do you want to repair your watch, change the battery or find a nice new watch bracelet or strap? We help with both minor and more extensive repairs that your watch may need. We offer certified and affordable repairs of watches of basically all brands on the market.

We are located at Strandvägen 15 in Stockholm, where there is often on place a watchmaker with many years of experience. This means that you can safely leave your watch to us at Fredmans for watch service or simpler watch repairs and battery replacements.

Repairs of automatic, mechanical, and battery-powered watches

We perform all kinds of repairs and services on watches. Depending on the type of service the watch needs, we offer various service procedures. Some common actions we frequently perform include when your watch has completely stopped, water or moisture damage, loose hands, and irregular timekeeping. We can assist with these and other issues that need to be addressed.

Watch Repair for Insurance Claims

If your watch has been water-damaged, suffered from shock damage, or encountered any other kind of damage, your insurance company might cover all or part of the cost in many cases. Depending on your insurance policy and provider, the terms vary.

We assist with all insurance matters, providing cost estimates for repairing your watch, and in specific cases, the cost of purchasing a new one.

We guide you through the entire process, from submitting your watch to us until you receive it back fully repaired. We also provide guidance throughout the process and liaise with insurance companies to ensure everything goes smoothly. Read more here about how we can assist you!

Warranty Service

The warranty service covers manufacturing defects on your watch. The warranty does not cover damaged leather straps or if the watch has been damaged due to external impact. We assist you with warranty matters for watches of all brands that we represent as an authorized retailer.

Extra Service When You Purchase a Watch From Us

We offer a complimentary annual water-resistance service for all mechanical and automatic watches purchased from our online store or our boutique at Strandvägen 15 in Stockholm. This offer is valid once a year for 10 years after you've purchased your watch from us. For any watch with a quartz movement, we provide free battery replacement for 5 years after your purchase from Fredmans.

Battery Replacement

Would you like to replace the battery in your watch? We're here to help. We accept all watch brands and provide comprehensive service, including:

- Battery replacement

- Cleaning of the glass, case, and case back

- Gasket cleaning/replacement

- Water resistance check.

Visit our store at Strandvägen 15 in Stockholm with your watch, and we'll assist you!

Replacement Of Bracelet / Strap

We offer various leather straps for watches at different prices, colours, brands and producers.

When changing the bracelet, cleaning of the outer case and the horns are included if desired.

Valuation Of A Watch

Do you need to value your watch in order to sell it, or if you have just acquired a watch and you want to notify your insurance company?

We help to value your watch and perform a valuation certificate on watches of all brands.

Care Instructions For Watches

To maintain the precision, power reserve and value of the watch, the watch requires care and attention.

By following our maintenance advice and dedicating a few minutes each week to an external cleaning, you can preserve the watch's appearance and functionalities.


We offer hand engraving on metal (watches, pens) and various engraving types, e.g. name, date or logos, to make your gift more unique.

FAQ About Service

A complete service on an automatic watch takes an average of 3 months. You leave the watch with us for an assessment of the type of service that needs to be performed. We will provide a cost proposal and begin the repair only after you approve the cost proposal.

We can provide an exact price for the service only after we have examined the watch. An approximate price for servicing an analog automatic watch is 3000 to 5000 SEK.

If you would like to inquire about the status of your watch repair that has been submitted to us, please contact us via email at [email protected].

- We respond to all service inquiries only in written form through email, with the purpose of tracking and recording all repairs and agreements.

- Please include your 5-digit submission number in the "Subject" field of your email.

When replacing the battery, we perform thorough work, including battery replacement, cleaning of the glass, case, and case back, gasket service, and water-resistance service. The cost of a battery replacement ranges between 450 SEK and 950 SEK, depending on the brand and type of case closure. We replace the battery on-site in the store, and it usually takes 1 to 3 business days.

If you have a battery-powered quartz watch, it's usually because the watch needs a battery replacement. A new battery typically lasts about two years, but the older the watch is, the more often the battery might need to be changed. If the watch is over 10 years old, a movement replacement might also be necessary as quartz watches have a lifespan ranging from 10 to 25 years, depending on the quality of the movement and the watch's maintenance.

If you have a manual or automatic watch that has stopped and it's not possible to wind the watch using the crown, a repair or service is likely needed.